Town manor of the merchant Alexander A. Khudyakov

Town manor of the merchant A.A. KhudyakovOne of the unique structures Balakhna - Town Manor on Karl Marx Street, the former Naberezhnaya, built in 70-80s. XIX century merchant, shipbuilder Alexander A. Khudyakov. The farmstead includes a main 2-storey house, single storey stone outbuilding (farm buildings), stone gates, wooden barn, garden, now more like a overgrown park. The history of the estate is rather remarkable, it reflected the vicissitudes of the turbulent events of the last century and a half. 

Alexander Khudyakov was born August 17, 1845 in the family of Alexander Ivanovich Balakhna petty bourgeois and Lyubov Ivanovna, baptized in the Church of the Resurrection. Their house stood on the shore of a small lake Babi, the confluence of the Volga River is not large Netecha, which was very convenient for the shipbuilding craft what many engaged in Balakhna. Volga trade brought entrepreneurs Balakhna a good profit. The most successful of the local merchants moved to Nizhny Novgorod, and the most far-sighted not break their ties with their native Balakhna, with house and yard, and here and there. The activities of Alexander Khudyakov-senior knows very little.

The Executive Office of AA KhudyakovThe documents report that in 1883, to its pier in Balakhna molested "every day" 2 boat, probably with the goods. At this time, Alexander Jr. was already the 2nd merchant guild and was a member of Balakhna City Duma. In 1894-98 he. He has held elective office the mayor. In 1893 the family Khudyakov tragedy: the age of 5 years died only son Alexei. This is probably the main reason that the family left Balakhna which were concerned with a lot of sad memories. 

At the beginning of the XX century AA Khudyakov and his wife moved to live permanently in Nizhny Novgorod in the mansion on Malaya Pokrovskaya Street (now the house number 8). And in Balakhna house Khudyakov on Nabereznaya Street settled older people without their homes, mostly clergy. So the mansion was an almshouse. The central hall on the second floor, whose windows open to wonderful landscape of the Volga, was halls for praying. Old-timers who visited the house, talked about what a lot of icons fill the space left wall of the hall.

Literary and Music RoomThe first months of the October Revolution took place in Balakhna peacefully enough, but in 1918 began the nationalization of the abandoned buildings of the owners. One of the first nationalization of the mansion has undergone Khudyakov, which housed district an extraordinary Committee (KGB). Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union began to be worn around town rumors about how many citizens were shot Balakhna in a remote, overgrown park Khudyakov mansion.

After 2 years of continued story mansion as a charitable institution. In 1920-1921 was opened an orphanage for children orphaned by the Soviet state wards. Subsequently, in the early 1930s house had been "reclassified" a kindergarten, in which capacity he remained until 2001, when the mansion was given Balakhna regional museum.

The front oak staircaseMuseum workers have long dreamed about this house, which in itself, even without exposure, is a unique "exhibit". And now the dream has come true, but the obstacle, as always, has risen a large, "BUT". The entire estate, and in the first place, the main house, as noted by the architect, the director of "Proektrestavratsiya" (Nizhny Novgorod), Mrs. Sundieva, demanded "the immediate restoration". Considerable damage had log walls on the second floor and metal roof and eaves, floors and ceilings, oak staircase. However, professionals - architects was surprised to have stated that the general condition of the building, "corresponds to the ornate facades and is in satisfactory condition"!

Museum workers began to develop plans to museumfication this historic monument. Museum as curator of the estate a lot of work not only for the restoration and museumfication, but also to promote the monument. Significant place in the museumfication estate will occupy exhibit devoted Balakhna's Shipbuilding, which was engaged in a builder of mansion AA Khudyakov. New modern exposition will include exhibits, original: photographs and documents  shipbuilders, antique carpentry tools: adzes, two-handled saw, scraper, anchors, barges and ship models - the tractor. All of this will be integrated into a single unit via computer multimedia installation. Additional exposure will add charm to a convenient location on the banks of the Volga manor. It should be noted that the introduction of the estate into a museum and tourist traffic will determine the value of the whole block the embankment as a point of cultural activities.

Lady's bedchamber

A series of rooms on the second floor, the ceilings are decorated with stucco plafonds, hardwood floors inlaid, Dutch oven with shaped pottery and fireplace, faced with polished black stone, is a unique foundation for the establishment expositions and exhibits that reflect the lives of the urban middle class and wealthy merchants in the late XIX - XX cc.

Do not be left without attention and a stable manor park, where there are century-old linden tree, Remember personal Khudyakov. It's safe to say that there was only one Balakhna this horse stable Khudyakov, which is the last such real monument in the late XIX. It is therefore imperative to design and survey and restoration works not only on the main house, but on the whole complex estates. 

Manor AA Khudyakov is the subject of multi-purpose. The aim of the project on its museumfication - through the creation of exhibitions to show the diversity of its activity, including industrial component, break the stereotype estates only as a residential park and facility history and culture. We would like to reborn Balakhna estate AA Khudyakov was the brightest star in the constellation of the Volga estates, standing out among them, neither architecture nor the nobility of his master, but some of his "special charm to". 


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