Museum of Kuzma Minin

Museum of Kuzma Minin, located in the cultural and leisure center "Moscow House" was opened November 4, 2009 to celebrate National Unity Day is a unique collection of authentic artifacts XVII - XX centuries.

The main purposes of of the museum:

  • Introduction to the history of the city Balakhna to exploit people's home guard in 1612;
  • Patriotic education of youth by the example of the heroic pages of history;
  • The establishment of cultural and business ties with the cities participating home guard;
  • Enhance cultural and historical education.

Tiles (izrazets) of Balakhna

 The museum houses a collection of archaeological, which includes objects found in burial Churkinsky on the river Zheleznitsa (a long time this place was the only monument of the Mesolithic in the Nizhny Novgorod region), on Lake Borovskое, where they found fragments of comb-ceramic and flint tools. Represented in the exhibition objects found during excavations in the territory of  Pokrovsky Monastery: fragments of pottery Russian XVI - XX centuries, fragments of tiles, antique coins. The archaeological history of the city shows an ancient origin Balakhna Usolye (Salt springs of Balakhna). The exhibition features ancient the pipe-wells extraction of salt water of the XVII century. Museum exhibits ancient weapons (checkers sword, gun, musket, iron core), the military uniforms of the XVII century (shield and helmet in the eastern work, chain mail), which is found in our ancient city. Presented in the museum weapons and uniforms of the XIX century - breastplate, sabers.


A special place is occupied by a unique collection of tiles (izrazets) of Balakhna XVII - XIX centuries, which differ in the grace and originality of the picture, beautiful colors and intricate shapes. Balakhna's master left posterity imperishable beauty of his art that never ceases to amaze us with their originality. Many visitors of museums in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Balakhna, Yuryevets, Puchezh, Katunki, Kostroma admire Balakhna tiles and praises unknown masters. Balakhna' glazed tiles deserve close study and research these days. Unique originality, artistic skill emal the relief makes these little-studied of glazed tiles most valuable contribution  in the universal history of art and, in particular - in the history of ceramics. 

Wax figures of K.Minin and D.M. PozharskyVisitors to the museum by Kuzma Minin can see a rare collection of icons XVIII-XIX centuries representing the artistic and historical value. This is the icon - "The Prophet Elisha," "The Prophet Moses," "The Prophet Aaron," "King Solomon" and the icons of the series, "The Passion of the Christ". The museum contains rare religious books like the Gospel in a gilded cover, Psalm XVIII century, the obituary of Trinity Church, extracts from church books of XVII century. 

Balakhna has long been famous for his piety. According Archimandrite Macarius in the XVII century the town had 50 wooden churches, and later rebuilt in the white stone (there were about 20). The museum kept the church articles, vestments of the priests XVIII - XIX centuries. 

City Balakhna - the birthplace of the great patriot of Kuzma Minin, a savior of the Fatherland. In 2010, for the celebration of the Popular Unity were purchased in St. Petersburg, . The exhibition includes paintings beginning of the XX century, depicting the heroism of the home guard and the town's history. 

About how things have changed Balakhna can be found on old photographs of the early XX century.

It is planned to further develop and promote the museum.


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